Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

This recap is a bit overdue.P1010145

I trained for this raced since January and followed the plan pretty well until the last 2 weeks. I just was super busy and couldn’t get those last long runs in.

My I finished this race 9 mins slower than my original goal. But my race day goal was to come in under 2 hours. I did just that!

I went to bed with a horrible migraine, so I was a little worried about how this race was going to go.  I woke up feeling better, but with a mini hangover (sometimes I feel hungoverish the next day after a bad migraine)

It was FREEZING at the start line. I had a bit of an issue when picking out my outfit. I don't run outside in the cold, ever. So all I have in terms of cold weather gear is a pair of running tights that I knew would be too hot for the race. The temps were to be in the high 40s low 50s by finish time.

However at the start it was high 30s low 40s. YIKES.

I wore a short sleeve black shirt (that was matt’s) to try and soak in warmth from the sun. I wore shorts and then my compression calf sleeves. Not because I wanted the compression, but the warmth!

Waiting for the start was cold, my toes(and the rest of my body) went numb.

As we started running I could feel my body warming up from the toes up. By mile 2 I was good to go. I settled in at a slow comfortable pace and just went.

Miles 1-5 were easy and fun. Mile six I got a little tired.

I have to say that around mile 3 I saw the sweep bus, I knew I wasn’t running a 14min mile pace, but it really messed with my head. I was sure that thing was coming for me.

I needed to pee, but I refused to stop at one of the portapotties because my head told me the bus would be waiting when I got outside. The bus also helped me to keep my 2 walk breaks to water stops and keep them short(I really wanted to make sure I was getting the Gatorade in my system, the first couple I think I wore more than I drank.) So while it tortured me mentally, it really kept me going.

Anyway, I kept pushing and tried to enjoy the trees and the water around Haynes Point. Mile 9 I texted Matt and told him I was almost there, and then put my head down and pushed. If I kept it up I would make it under 2 hours.

Of course they had the last 1/2 mile up a hill. Nice, thanks! I saw Matt and his mom and kicked it to the finish. My mom was there too, but I didn’t see her and she couldn’t find Matt.P1010151

No wonder look at all those peopleP1010146

Crossing the finish – looking yuck.

I finished feeling really good. Could I have run 3.1 more miles? Probably not, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die. Success! P1010153

I bought a medal (if I am going to run 10 miles I want something to show for it dang it!)

  P1010154 IMG_5325

The medal has the course as the branches of the Cherry Blossoms.


The shirt – looks like the medal.


This was a really fun race, and I will run it again one day. This was a good way to end my racing start my hiatus from running.

There are a couple races that have been trying to talk them selves into my life, but I am standing firm and getting a year of school under my belt (or at least summer and fall semesters) before I add training back in. Honestly, I REALLY want to run the Disney Princess Half. Maybe 2012.