Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I didn't run today.

After work I logged into Facebook like normal, and I saw that one of my favorite teachers passed away. Now, I have been out of high school  for 7 years, but it really made me sad.

I had work to do tonight, and I couldn't focus on it. It took me all evening to do what should have taken me an hour or so. I just had nothing. I was home alone. I had a good cry, wrote a blog post about it, had another good cry then tried to do work. I was exhausted. I was already tired from the day, but this just took what little bit I had out of me.

The thing that bums me out most is that I probably won't be able to attend any of the services. If it is on the weekend I can't get home, and if it is during the week I have to work. :( That bums me out a lot. Maybe I can make a viewing or something.

Tomorrow will be a better day right? Yup.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I didn't run today, but I did carry 2 babies around for over an hour. Then I did Jillian Michaels level 1, all of it.

Tomorrow Matt is going out, so I will bust out my run and then I will get some things done around here.

But the exciting thing is that I have signed up to win a trip to Atlanta to run a 5k. Now I know this is a long shot. But I remember my dad running 5 and 10ks in ATL and I would love to do it too. Plus maybe I could see some friends too.

You could sign up to win it too ( but if you don't then there is more chance for me to win it! HA)

Go here to sign up. (or not ;) )

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back at it 2.0

I feel like that is the story of my life, I start getting a routine and rhythm and then something happens and I have to stop.

Whatever I did to my foot sucked. It woke me up multiple times Wed night, thursday I hobbled around more and more as the pain meds I took with breakfast wore off. I iced it during the girls nap times and then later that night. Friday it was feeling better, but still moving certain ways hurt. By Saturday it was feeling better, but I took one more day off to make sure it was all better.

I decided to run today, I wanted to go 4miles, but I was willing to shorten it if the pain returned. Lucky for me it didn't.

I ran 4 miles in a little under 40mins and then did jillian workout.

I want to play tennis tomorrow, but I think we will get rained out. LAME. I guess that means a wii workout. I am sure it will yell at me. It has been a while since we played it. Still haven't moved it to the office, and now we are having people over on Saturday and I know we will use it, so we are waiting to move it. But Sunday we will move it, RIGHT MATT?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I went to the gym

Kicking and screaming (in my head.)

I came home from work, and instead of going to the gym like I normally do, I sat and set up my new printer and installed it for over an hour, then made dinner.

Which meant that by the time I didn't feel super full, I was super tired. I didn't want to run at all. But after 2 miles I still felt good, so I upped the speed and kept on going. I ran the first 2 miles at 10:31, then the last mile I kept pumping up the speed and I finished the 3rd mile in exactly 30 mins.

Then I did Jillian abs and arms. With heavier weights for the first set of strength. My arms feel mushy now, ouchy, but a good workout.

I had 2 fruit servings, and 1 veggie serving today.

tomorrow is 4 miles, but my ankle is a little sore, I am icing it now as we speak. If it is still sore tomorrow I am pushing the 4 miles to Friday to try and keep injury away.

Of to prep my crock pot dinner. :-D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today I ran 3 miles in a little over 30 mins (30.38 I think was the time). I did the Jillian abs and arms workout. It hurt. A lot more than it should have.

I did a good job today. I ate 3 servings of veggies through out the day. Yay for baby carrots as a snack! I had 2 servings of fruit and my meal choices weren't horrible. I had a few potato chips but that is all.

I also took a long walk with the twins today, almost an hour, lots of hills. I wasn't sure we were going to make it up a couple of them. That jogging stroller is SUPER heavy going up hill.

Tomorrow is another 3 miles and Jillian workout again.

IN other exciting news - I get to see my brother 1 month from today :-D YAY.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just call me Mars

cuz my tennis skills are no Venus. ::hangs head in shame at that joke::

I did better today, and I enjoyed myself much more today than last time. I don't think I even stomped my feet and pouted today. I still need a lot of work and practice, but when it is fun instead of frustrating I am more inclined to work on it.

This week I will be active everyday. Today I played tennis, tomorrow I will run 3 miles and do Jillian arm and ab workout.

I have been trying to eat more fruits and  veggies. I struggle with the veggies, but I got one veggie serving in ,and 2 fruit servings today.

Maybe tomorrow I can work in 2 of each. Baby steps.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

run and Jillian... in one day?!

YUP. I did.

I ran my 2.5 miles, I ran it a little slower than normal. Then I felt like I needed more. So since the wii hasn't made it to the office yet (ahhem Matthew) I decided to do Jillian's workout. I still can't get behind p90x. Maybe after the race, but everything I have read says that it leaves people sore for days, and I really don't want to be trying to run while super sore. Maybe I am just a big wimp, actually I know I am.

Anyway, everytime I take a break from Jillian, I feel it like crazy when I get back at it. SHEW. Hopefully I am not exhausted after work other days this week so I can keep doubling up. I gotta get in those shorts. Gotta.

OK - shower then Idol and Lost.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I haven't been skipping out on my running, just skipping out on my blogging. :(

This week I only skipped one day of running, and that was yesterday because of a headache.

I am going to do that run today. The weather is supposed to be amazing this week. I have been researching some trails I can run along to get outside some.

I think Mondays will become tennis days for me (I hope at least) I get a little work out, but Matt gets a bigger one running all around trying to catch my home run balls I launch.

I need lessons, Matt is teaching me, but I get frustrated, and angry. I may even stomp my feet like a 5 year old. Maybe Serena should come teach me.

In other news, I ordered some summer clothes from Old Navy ( I had $30 to spend before the end of April) and I am officially in the next smaller size in shirts and dresses. I am almost in the next size in shorts and pants. I ordered the smaller size, and now I need to get my butt in gear so I can wear them this summer.

We are moving the wii to the office so I can get back to using my wii fit. I was doing well with it, but I always feel bad kicking Matt off the tv, and making him watch me act a fool hula hooping. (yes, it is one of my favorite workouts on the wii fit, but I only do it after I work out.:-D )

Kicking it in high gear this week. Summer is almost here, and I was to look good.

I am really jealous of my friend Jill. She has been running with her boyfriend a lot. I really wish I had someone to run with me. I would probably skip my runs less, and work harder. It is so easy to stop and take a break when it is just you running. I wish I didn't live so far away from them, I would totally bust in their little dates. :-D kidding, kinda.

Maybe I should put an ad on craigslist: Wanted - running partner. Run with me and make me not slack. Entertain me when I get tired and want to quit. Don't judge me because I run slow.  Hmmm doubt that will get any responses back.

Ok with that I am going to the gym to run 3.5 miles and then coming home and doing the strength and abs part of the Jillian Michaels dvd. No cardio tho.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life, please get out of my way

Man, my intentions are always so good. Then life happens.

I had intended to run while in NYC - I did the first day. Then we stayed up til almost 2 with Nana. I hoped that our plans on Friday would allow for time to run before we went to visit friends, but of course it didn't happen. Sat we came home, I was tired and lazy. Sunday I had to work, then I spent the evening making amazing desserts for passover. Monday was the passover Seder right after work.

I woke up Tuesday determined to run right after work. Once again life got in my way. I got a headache while at work. It kept getting worse. I felt horrible. I left to come home, and I had to pull over to get sick. I came home and took a little nap. It got better, but I never felt great the rest of the night.

Wed, I did run 3 miles. I took it slower than I had been. But I did it.
Tonight I ran 3.5 miles. It felt good.

I am planning to do my elliptical workout tomorrow then date night.

In other news I am trying to get better about my rules. Remember those? Yes me either.

So I am back to only water, no more sneaking soda. (ok I didn't sneak, I just didn't care)
I am also trying to not eat after 9. Tonight Matt made brownies. I went and showered while they cooked, and brushed my teeth when I got out so I wouldn't want to eat it. I wanted it pretty bad, but I knew it wouldn't taste good. I will have one tomorrow though. But just one.

I really need to stick to my plan and make it a priority. Other things can't keep getting in the way.