Friday, May 14, 2010

I want these

Somehow one day I found this blog SkinnyRunner. I love it. It makes me a little jealous that I can't just get up and run  10 miles with no effort like SR. I enjoy reading her posts and getting the occasional celeb gossip too. She is giving away PINK compression socks

I have read that they are good for recovery after long runs. I would look cute in these socks. I want to win them. 

K thanks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I went to Target today because I needed cute shoes for my dress for Austin's graduation, but my grandmother requested they not be flip flops, even if they are nice flip flops. So I got these. Still a little flip floppy, but not exactly.

So I was wandering around - looking at coolers because I have to buy one for SC next week and I saw the Jillian Michaels dvds were on sale. So I picked up the No More Trouble Zones dvd. OH MY GOSH.... it was 40 mins of pain, but it hurt sooo good. 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. Much more of a time investment than the shred, but my whole body felt the burn.

Basically it was 7 different circuits that focused on different body parts, and did each circuit twice. My arms and abs were already sore from my random workout on Monday, but now they are dying. AHHH. I love this video. I do.

Yesterday I ran 3 miles, my ankle feels good. Every once in a while it will hurt a little, but its good. Tomorrow is 4 miles. Friday I am doing  4 miles. Saturday we will be walking around the air show so I wont exactly be resting, but it isn't a workout.

I am interested to see if I can move tomorrow. OY.

Monday, May 10, 2010

For Real Now

If signing up wasn't enough to light a fire under my little hiney - dropping some serious dough tonight on a hotel for the weekend sure was.

Matt and I decided that we would take the weekend and spend it at the beach as a little mini vacation, with some running thrown in there (who am I kidding, I decided this, Matt's idea of a vacation would NOT be to the beach, but o well. He can get his vacation next year when I do the Disney one :-D )

I reworked my training. Making work better for me and my lifestyle and schedule. Bring it. 17 weeks! I got this.

Random Thoughts

So my ankle is hurting again, but only when I move it certain ways. I am not limping at all. I am going to do an abs and arm workout tonight and then run tomorrow and see how it goes. If it feels alright I will run Tues, Thurs and Fri this week. Sunday will be a longer run.

Next week will be difficult, we are leaving as soon as I get off work on Wed and driving 9+ hours to SC for Austin's boot camp graduation. Thursday we get to hang out with him, and even though we will be free at 5pm. I doubt I will be able to muster the energy to run on 4 hours of sleep. Friday we are driving back home to my parents 10+ hours. No running will be done Friday. I hope that I can get a run in on Saturday. I may run to my friends new house and then run back after a little visit ( I need to check the mileage on that though) Sunday is church and then a family party and then rushing home for the Series finale of LOST. No running will be done, just lots of crying.

I have decided I will set monthly goals. I am starting to see some weight changes so that is good.

In May I want to run: 40 miles for the month.
In May I want to do abs and arms 8 times (2 times a week)

So far I am in week 2 of May, I have done 5 miles and 0 abs and arms. Guess I better schedule some extra abs and arms. (Weights may be going to SC with me. I know I can do arm work in a hotel room.)

I REALLY REALLY want/need a gps watch. I need a way to pace. I downloaded an app on my phone but I haven't run outside to try it. Maybe after work tomorrow. I also need some way to lug my phone. I guess I could just load my music onto it and then only take my phone and not iPod... yes, thats a decent idea.

Ok feeling better. Getting myself back on track. Redoing the training a little. I just can't handle the original. I was exhausted non stop. I don't know how people do it.