Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

So my ankle is hurting again, but only when I move it certain ways. I am not limping at all. I am going to do an abs and arm workout tonight and then run tomorrow and see how it goes. If it feels alright I will run Tues, Thurs and Fri this week. Sunday will be a longer run.

Next week will be difficult, we are leaving as soon as I get off work on Wed and driving 9+ hours to SC for Austin's boot camp graduation. Thursday we get to hang out with him, and even though we will be free at 5pm. I doubt I will be able to muster the energy to run on 4 hours of sleep. Friday we are driving back home to my parents 10+ hours. No running will be done Friday. I hope that I can get a run in on Saturday. I may run to my friends new house and then run back after a little visit ( I need to check the mileage on that though) Sunday is church and then a family party and then rushing home for the Series finale of LOST. No running will be done, just lots of crying.

I have decided I will set monthly goals. I am starting to see some weight changes so that is good.

In May I want to run: 40 miles for the month.
In May I want to do abs and arms 8 times (2 times a week)

So far I am in week 2 of May, I have done 5 miles and 0 abs and arms. Guess I better schedule some extra abs and arms. (Weights may be going to SC with me. I know I can do arm work in a hotel room.)

I REALLY REALLY want/need a gps watch. I need a way to pace. I downloaded an app on my phone but I haven't run outside to try it. Maybe after work tomorrow. I also need some way to lug my phone. I guess I could just load my music onto it and then only take my phone and not iPod... yes, thats a decent idea.

Ok feeling better. Getting myself back on track. Redoing the training a little. I just can't handle the original. I was exhausted non stop. I don't know how people do it.

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  1. I want a GPS watch too! I think it would help me out.
    Where about in SC is the graduation??? ...if you don't mind me asking. Hope you have a good time. c: