Sunday, January 23, 2011

Runner's High

I had one of the best runs I have had in a LONG LONG time.

Lets set the stage. I ate like crap last night, I stayed out late and went to bed after 2. I slept super late :-D and then did a WHOLE LOT of NOTHING.

I knew I had to put in 5 miles down on the TM. After I finally talked myself into going down, I just figured that my day of slothness would mean my run would be brutal.

The first mile was good, but at about a quarter of a mile I had to pee (sorry for the TMI) so I ran pee after 1 mile and then jumped back on. The last 4 miles were a breeze. I ran them nonstop and felt amazing the whole time.

Love it.

In other news, I am trying to talk Matt into running a little community 5K. It isn't until April 16 and I think that is plenty of time for him to do the couch to 5k program!

I really think it would be fun to run it with him. I hope he agrees. I am off to create a plan for him and see if he will do it. :-D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you know what this means?



It means I have been running a lot. (and not running the dishwasher very often!)

YAY! That makes me happy. I have been feeling good. My knee started hurting a little on Thursday and I iced it on Friday and Saturday. I also made sure I remembered to take my glucosamine and chondroitin vitamin all weekend and I like to think that helped too (it probably didn’t make a difference and it was all the icing)


p.s. I have been doing a decent job remembering to take my vitamins everyday. I am a big believer in Vitamin D during the winter. I totally notice a difference. I suggest you take Vitamin D, it will give you some pep in your step.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The old me

Today I had the best run in a long time. It was only 2 miles but it was a great run!

I started working with a running coach. I am so excited. She is going to train me through my 10 miler.

So I have officially started her plan. The thing that I have noticed tonight is that while I was running, at a point when I might have wanted to stop or slow or wimp out. I didn't, partly because the run was going really well, but also because I knew I didn't want to tell her I sucked :-D.

Obviously if I was hurting I would have chilled out, but I felt good.

So following her plan I won't get 50 miles this month, but that is perfectly fine with me. I want to race this race strong.

So yay!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Hey Lazy Lady

That is me. 

I can't find motivation to do ANYTHING anymore!!! 

Seriously. What the heck is my problem. 

Anyway. I made some overall goals on my other blog. 

Here are my running/diet related ones.

  • Run a 5k and PR in it 
  • Run my first 10k
  • Run my first 10 miler and at a pace no slower than 10min miles
  • Run another half marathon and PR
  • Run outside more
  • Do yoga 1x a week
  • Get over my fear and try a Zumba class
  • Do some form of strength work 1x a week
  • Take vitamins daily
  • Drink water at restaurants 
  • 1 vegetable and 1 fruit with dinner daily
  • Healthier snacking
  • Only drinking diet soda ( which means I won't order soda out at restaurants because I only like diet sunkist , diet mt dew and diet A&W rootbeer)

I also want to set goals for each month. This month I want to run 50 miles. 

Better lace up - its day 3 and I have logged 0 miles!!! has a new training plan maker. I just made a new updated plan for the 10 miler, and I think I am going to make one for the half marathon in May. I need to dig deep and get to running. I want to run this race and run it strong.