Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life, please get out of my way

Man, my intentions are always so good. Then life happens.

I had intended to run while in NYC - I did the first day. Then we stayed up til almost 2 with Nana. I hoped that our plans on Friday would allow for time to run before we went to visit friends, but of course it didn't happen. Sat we came home, I was tired and lazy. Sunday I had to work, then I spent the evening making amazing desserts for passover. Monday was the passover Seder right after work.

I woke up Tuesday determined to run right after work. Once again life got in my way. I got a headache while at work. It kept getting worse. I felt horrible. I left to come home, and I had to pull over to get sick. I came home and took a little nap. It got better, but I never felt great the rest of the night.

Wed, I did run 3 miles. I took it slower than I had been. But I did it.
Tonight I ran 3.5 miles. It felt good.

I am planning to do my elliptical workout tomorrow then date night.

In other news I am trying to get better about my rules. Remember those? Yes me either.

So I am back to only water, no more sneaking soda. (ok I didn't sneak, I just didn't care)
I am also trying to not eat after 9. Tonight Matt made brownies. I went and showered while they cooked, and brushed my teeth when I got out so I wouldn't want to eat it. I wanted it pretty bad, but I knew it wouldn't taste good. I will have one tomorrow though. But just one.

I really need to stick to my plan and make it a priority. Other things can't keep getting in the way.

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  1. Angela, I so love reading about everything. It makes me feel good. You are doing so good, even on screw up days. Look how pretty you are, how fit you are. I love it.
    Thank you for screwing your screw ups and your good days. I so look forward to reading them. Sorry I haven't been commenting as much, I just has 2 weeks of 15 hours days 6 days a week with daycare kids and by time I got on my computer all I wanted to do was read, not write. Oh I do find time to post though so really that's not to good of an excuse. Okay, I know...I'll get better at it.
    Take care Angela and have a super blessed Easter weekend.