Tuesday, April 13, 2010

run and Jillian... in one day?!

YUP. I did.

I ran my 2.5 miles, I ran it a little slower than normal. Then I felt like I needed more. So since the wii hasn't made it to the office yet (ahhem Matthew) I decided to do Jillian's workout. I still can't get behind p90x. Maybe after the race, but everything I have read says that it leaves people sore for days, and I really don't want to be trying to run while super sore. Maybe I am just a big wimp, actually I know I am.

Anyway, everytime I take a break from Jillian, I feel it like crazy when I get back at it. SHEW. Hopefully I am not exhausted after work other days this week so I can keep doubling up. I gotta get in those shorts. Gotta.

OK - shower then Idol and Lost.

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