Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back at it 2.0

I feel like that is the story of my life, I start getting a routine and rhythm and then something happens and I have to stop.

Whatever I did to my foot sucked. It woke me up multiple times Wed night, thursday I hobbled around more and more as the pain meds I took with breakfast wore off. I iced it during the girls nap times and then later that night. Friday it was feeling better, but still moving certain ways hurt. By Saturday it was feeling better, but I took one more day off to make sure it was all better.

I decided to run today, I wanted to go 4miles, but I was willing to shorten it if the pain returned. Lucky for me it didn't.

I ran 4 miles in a little under 40mins and then did jillian workout.

I want to play tennis tomorrow, but I think we will get rained out. LAME. I guess that means a wii workout. I am sure it will yell at me. It has been a while since we played it. Still haven't moved it to the office, and now we are having people over on Saturday and I know we will use it, so we are waiting to move it. But Sunday we will move it, RIGHT MATT?

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