Monday, July 4, 2011

Paleo Eating Week 1

I have been reading a lot about the Paleo diet, or caveman's diet. Everything I have read has had positive things today. Matt and I have been in a food rut, and we just end up eating crap because we don't know what else to do. So I figured worst case, we get some new recipes in our diet.

So last Sunday we went grocery shopping. We didn't put cheese-its in the cart or rice. Insteaad we spent a lot of time in the produce section. This is very different from a normal shopping trip. With food bought and menu made I went to bed ready to start this.

I had some concerns. 1 - I am picky. I don't like a lot of different veggies or meats. I was/am worried that I will get bored of it. 2- This diet requires work. You have to plan ahead, you can't just grab a sandwich on the way out the door to work.
But you never know til you try.

So Monday am I weighed myself (I am not doing this to lose weight- just to feel better about myself- if weight loss ensues then sweet :-D )

I am going to put this out there, while my goal was to follow paleo strictly, I was not going to beat myself up if I cheated a little. I know that weekends are always going to be hard.

So how did it go?
Well from Monday breakfast to Friday Lunch, I was perfect, I only ate according to the paleo plan. Friday we went out with friends to a Mexican place. I ate chips and salsa, I don't regret it. :-D I ordered fajitas and I only ate one tortilla shell and a little rice. The rest of the meal I just ate the steak and onions. Saturday I made burgers with my brother, I didn't eat a bun, but I did eat chips. Fail Whale. But they were good :-D

How did I feel? Well, this week I only worked Monday and Tuesday so I was able to sleep in a bit more than  normal, but I felt like I had more energy. Many times I feel like I need a nap at nap time or even fall asleep reading at nap time, but this week I didn't feel that way at all. Friday Matt and I walked around for a good 4 hours apartment hunting and normally I would have been spent and ready for a nap, but I was good to go and actually didn't get to bed until like 1:30am. I will have a better idea of how this affects me this week when I am back to my normal work schedule.

I will say that after dinner Friday, I felt full and heavy, boarder line gross. But Other meals last week I feel like I ate more than I did Friday and I never felt gross.

Hopefully next week I will have similar experiences.

I did lose 5lbs this week... It probably would have been more if I didn't cheat Friday and Saturday

Edit** I forgot to add - I spent the week doing work and school work, so I logged a big goose egg for workouts this week. Hopefully adding workouts back in will not change my energy level.

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  1. Good luck with the new food plan. It's hard to change or even harder to plan ahead. That right now is my problem. I have so many daycare meals to make it's hard to get a totally different meal planned and cooked. Working on it , learning too.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.