Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been sucking at running lately, and sucking more at blogging. My weekends have been jam packed with car trouble and other nonsense. I worked all day saturday and half of sunday and i was dead. There are two long runs that either didnt happen or got shortened. My week nights have been nuts too, for no real reason.

Its time to get serious, my race is less than a month away.

I busted out the new shoes i bought on sale last night for a quick 3 miles (same exact shoe as before) my feet hurt a bit until about mile 2. Hopefully tonight is better.

I have a long run planned for this weekend, and then my last long run falls while i am in NC. I would love to run it outside, but we will be in the mountains. Not sure how i feel about those STEEP hills. We shall see. either way it is almost here. Not really sure how it got here so fast, but im looking it right in the face. It is time to buckle down and train hard these last 3 weeks.

I am getting really excited. I am also getting really nervous. Oh and top ice the cake. My brother tells me he is coming home the weekend i am away for my race. Tear. Maybe he will show up and surprise me at the finish...ha ok prob not.


  1. Hills are great! If you don't think you are ready for them, just walk as many as you need.

  2. WOW, has the time flew by. Your race is fast approching and you will be so great. I know you will Ang. You will be right up there with all the best runners. And remember no matter what you're out there doing it where there is so many of us scaredy cats that just sit here thinking about it.
    Good luck with your running and your new shoes. I have a pair of those exercise ones and am really liking them for my walks and tennis.
    Thanks for stopping by and your thoughts on the Wii. I put it on a old shelf board and my weight did change some. I'll try again tomorrow morning to get a average or at least a couple days in a row right.
    Take care and have a great day. God Bless you Angela.