Monday, October 25, 2010


I read an article today from Mark Remy at Runners World, he talked about how difficult it must be to be married to him, a runner.

I am not married, but I am in a long term (4.5 years on Sunday :-D ) relationship.

I know there have been many times during my 1/2 marathon training where I would spend 1-1.5 hours down at the gym before coming up and putting together something for dinner. We ate late sometimes because I would run first.
Weekends were fun towards the end. I would disappear for 2 plus hours every before we could go and do something.

And then there was the race. Getting up at 6, standing around alone for almost 3 hours.

It must suck to date a runner!

But without his support I wouldn't have crossed that finish line. He pushed me on days I didn't feel like training. Helped me get back on track when I was slacking off. He was my biggest fan.

I hope he doesn't get upset when he finds out I am thinking about running a 10 miler in the spring :-D (at least it will be local!)

Thanks Matt for supporting me through the last race and for always supporting me. I love you!

p.s. this is my last post ever as a 25 year old. eek! 16 mins!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    And just get him to run with you. That's what I did. (And he reminds me of that during

  2. Happy birthday a tad bit late. I hope you had a great birthday. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I sure do understand not being able to. Sometime I surf with my itouch and to leave comments takes me hours trying to touch those little letters without touching the rest.
    Thank you for being here for me Angela. I do apprecaite you.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.