Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love the Run You're With 5k

I had a great run today.

Matt and I got to Pentagon city at about 8:15. We went to Champps restaurant to stay warm - it was chilly this am.

I decided to go ahead and get in line to go pee, since it was about 20 girls deep and took about 15 mins (of course there was no line for the mens room)

Good thing I did, because when I left the restaurant to go take a warmup run, the line was three times as long.

I wanted to get a mile warm up in, but time was a little close for me, so I ran to the start line, and ended up running .75 mile.

While I wanted a PR in this race, I wasn't going to push it to get it. My last (and first 5k) I started the first mile or so at insane speed (7:30 min miles) and hit the wall hard. While I finished with a good time - I walked a lot, and had a horrible race.

I didn't PR, but that was fine with me. I ran a good, strong race and enjoyed myself start to finish.

I was a little worried, because when we go to the mall parking lot, I realized I didn't have my headphones, so my ipod was useless. I always run with music, so I was worried that I would struggle without it.

I didn't. I enjoyed myself even without music. I listened to people's conversations as I ran near them, and then when they bored me I passed them :-D.

The course was basically run 1.5 miles away, turn around and come back. I liked getting to see the people as they were running back. Even if the first person got to me before I had even gotten to 1 mile! The winner finished in under 15 mins! Insane!

As I was running, a guy running the other way wearing a University of Miami hat pointed at my shirt and said something (but I didn't catch it) I don't run outside in the cold, so I don't have cold weather running gear except running tights I bought last year for this race. (I didn't get to run it) Anyway, I wore the only long sleeve t-shirt I have, which is my A.C.'s Icees shirt.

A.C. is this old dude that sells the best frozen lemonade I have ever had, EVER - out of his truck in this little park in Miami. That guy knows what's up! (Now I need to go to FL and get me some AC)

I finished in 33:18:72 according to my watch
Mile 1- 11:10:73
Mile 2- 10:37:24
Mile 3- 10:19:94
.15- 1:10:81

The official results said I finished in 33:19:00.

Sounds good to me!

Fun race! Not too cold (thank god no rain/snow) I was actually hot running the last mile or so. Will certainly run this fun run again next year. Maybe with some friends (hint hint)


  1. yayyy, way to go with the negative splits! You did an awesome job :)

  2. AWESOME ANGELA!!! Just totally awesome. I am so proud of you!! You did so great. I am smiling ear to ear reading about your race. YEAH!!! for Angela!!
    I also wanted to tell you something, I was reading back a year ago, just to see where I was at and what was happening and guess who's comment I found, yours. I wanted to thank you for supporting me and your sweet comments and answering all the questions I've asked along the way. Also, my running I do is because you started it. I remember telling you I couldn't go pole to pole and you keep saying try. I now can run a bit over a mile, rest a minute or two and go another mile. Back then I couldn't of even imagined being able to do that. THANK YOU!!!
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  3. Good job! I debated signing up for that race, but since my hip is bad, and I should not try to race anything (and with a 5k, I KNEW I'd attempt to go faster), I decided not to.

    But I miss 5k's!

  4. GIRL, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Seriously, WOW!!! I don't have cold weather gear either so I wear the same thing every single time ha!! You are doing so good!!! About the Jillians program. It is part of our treadmill. You choose the level (he does intermediate) and the treadmill does the rest. Hope that makes sense! Have a great day!