Saturday, February 5, 2011


I finally pretended that I didn't care and went to a Zumba class.

It was quite fun. I was HILARIOUSLY BAD!

Seriously. I have 2 left feet, limited rhythm and not great coordination. (OK - why the heck did I want to try this in the first place?!)

I positioned myself in front of the section of wall without a mirror. If I had to see how ridiculous I looked I think I would have been self conscious about it and given up.

I did alright. I think if I kept with it I could learn the routines. The girls in the class have been taking it for months, so they start to learn the routines.

So I was trying, I could get my feet to do MOST of the things I wanted. I had to forget about using my hands for most of the routines. But towards the ends of the songs I would get some arm motions in there too. Then towards the end, this song came on.

Everyone started giggling... (that should have been a sign!)

The instructor was right in front of me (yay I could see her feet and figure it out!) Then she started moving her hips/butt in ways my hips/butt don't move. Seriously. I have tried again in the bathroom alone, I don't jiggle like that. I tried to keep up and just go with it, I was dying laughing!

Here is a video of the choreography that they did for the last song. Seriously, how do people move their butts like that? I am slightly jealous.

So I did it, I took a Zumba class. I think after my race I am going to sign up for more classes and keep at it. But right now I want to focus on my running. Cross that off the 2011 Goals list!!!

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  1. haha you are braver than me. I have two left feet too and I don't think I could muster the courage to do a class with plenty of other people to witness my clumsiness!