Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Suck

That is all.

I haven't been sleeping at night. I am completely exhausted all day and when I get home I fall asleep then attempt to get a couple chores done before I pass out for the night.

I have wanted to run, but couldn't will my legs to take me to the gym. My naps after work keep me up only about an hour later than normal and I don't have trouble going to sleep. I just have trouble staying asleep. UGH.

March starts the training plan. I refuse to let myself slip and get in a funk.

Matt told me last night when I was refusing to go to the gym because I am tired that I can't keep skipping or else Sept will come and I can't run more than 4 miles. I got really angry and yelled something about it being 4 miles more than he can run.(tired and worried Angela isn't always nice Angela) But he is right, of course. GRR. Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe I can get a run in. Friday I have off, depending on how the day plays out I may run then too. But it is Matt's birthday on Friday so I am going to be hanging out with him. <3

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