Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, Friday I was a loser pants, and I didn't do my workout, again. GRR. I am so tired on Fridays.

Saturday I had intentions to run, and then I went to a long lunch, then I had to go check on the sick Romley's. The twins and their mom were all up all night vomiting , and their dad was away on work travel. Poor mommy.

Then we had a party for our good friends to celebrate their engagement.

Excuses, Excuses I know.

Today I did Fridays sit ups, Saturdays push ups and then tonights sit ups. And I ran my 3 miles from yesterday. I didn't run any slower than 10 min mile pace, but I did run the last mile at about 8 min miles. I had a stop a couple times. But I only stopped for 30 seconds.

I am going to try harder next week. NO Slacking. I am running a 5K on Saturday. That guarantees I get my Saturday workout in.

Now if all these girl scout cookies would go away - why did I buy them anyway.

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