Tuesday, March 16, 2010

wooo good run

Today was busy, I carried the twins around michaels (errand for me) Target, Kohls and Walmart looking for their birthday dresses and shoes. Mom forgot and took the stroller to work, so most of the time, one baby sat in the kart and I carried the other and pushed the kart with one hand. What a work out. Evelyn loved when I let her stand in the back while I looked through dresses for the right size. (I was always holding on to her - she was safe!)

Then we went grocery shopping, came home and had dinner. Dinner on grocery night is always a rotisserie chicken and stuffing. Then we watching Idol and Lost. Starting a run at 10:30pm is always hit or miss. Tonight i was a great big HIT.

I started at 9:50ish min miles for the first mile, and kept increasing until I was at 8:34. I finished my 2 miles in 19:04 and felt great. I stopped for 30 seconds because I was getting a cramp.

Did my week 2 push ups.

I have been thinking about summer, and how I will be at the pool a lot with the twins. I need to get into bathing suit shape.

Saturday is the 5k with Jay. He runs like 8:30 min miles so I won't be running with him, but My goal is sub 10 min miles. We shall see.

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  1. I am so proud of you Angela. You are doing so great. Good luck tomorrow on your race. Remember to do some extra stretching and warm ups and you will do terrific, I have faith in you and I know you'll do wonderfully.
    Take care and God Bless!!!