Monday, March 8, 2010

Wii Fit

Today I did almost an hour of wii fit exercises. The game created a workout for me, which was a combo of yoga, strength and cardio. I didn't realize I needed to put it in order, so I would do some yoga then run or hula hoop. I think next time ill do cardio, then strength and then chill out with yoga. Either way it was a decent workout. Next time I will go back to my old yoga routine, I feel like I worked harder and stretched more, and my focus this workout is supposed to be on yoga and stretching.

Tomorrow is a 2 mile run, I have to get it in fast after work because I have to go back and babysit tomorrow night.

1 comment:

  1. Running, your funny. Not really but I can't see me running anywheres, walking I can do, speed walking is good too but running...maybe 10 months from now.
    You are doing so great Angela and having to work such long hours I know it's hard to get it all in. Thank goodness I get to work from home so can squeak in the exercise here and there except my night walking but with Daylight savings time coming up that will really help, I hope.
    Take care and I am praying for your family and you. Have a blessed day today.