Sunday, June 27, 2010

7 miles

I am still on track to get my goal miles for June, even with 2 weeks with very little running during the week.

I went to the Orioles game on Tuesday, and as we were walking back to the car, I didn't notice that the road was being repaved. One lane was much higher than the other. So with all the grace in the world (HA) I ran my foot into the uneven pavement, almost ate it, and entertained the drunks behind me. It hurt, but it was dark so I couldn't see the damage, I could feel blood, but I didn't know what I was working with. I hobbled the 3 or 4 more blocks to the car. I managed to peel the skin on my big toe back. It was gross. I will spare you the picture that I sent to my best friend.

Anyway - Wearing a shoe was no a possibility this week. I put a sock on yesterday to see how it would feel but it still hurt. Today I managed to bandage it and put a shoe on. I was going to attempt my 7 miles I had planned but if I felt like it was rubbing the wound I was stopping. I never once felt it the whole run.

I ran the first 5.5  miles fine, it was the last 1.5 miles that I had to keep talking myself into finishing. But I did it. This week I have to get my miles in.

I haven't done abs and arms, mainly out of laziness. Honestly, just being lazy. After work and making dinner I don't really feel like doing anything else. so I don't. Maybe I will change that this week since I don't have to work thursday and friday.

Anyway! 2 months til the race. Eeek

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