Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 2 of a good June

I have done well this week too, I did skip one run on Friday but it was the shortest run of the week (4miles)

Tonight I did 6 miles. I went down tired ( two very late nights Friday and Saturday means my days are sleepy) the first 2 miles were hard, I didn't think I would get through it. Then somehow I was at 4.7 miles. Way to far into it to give up! So I pushed it out. Very glad I did.

This week I ran 15.5 miles. Should have been 19.5 but oh well.  I didn't do any ab or arm workouts. But after I ran today my abs were very tight, it felt like I did. Not sure what that is about!

All the other goals are going well.

I spent the day at the pool Saturday. It was so wonderful to just sit and relax. I was all alone lost in a book. I felt no guilt for ignoring the people around me. I need more days like that. Maybe it will become a regular thing.

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