Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been icing either a knee or an ankle almost everyday. I get so tired of trying to balance a bag of ice on my knee. My hands go numb trying to hold it in place. I invested $5.50 and got 3 great ice packs. The conform to the body part and stay there, best of all they dont melt and leak all over me and the couch. Score. If you have to ice a body part, seriously, save yourself some dough and go with frozen peas.

I can't vouch for any other veggies, peas is what my dad uses and peas is what i will use from now on.


  1. From what I've read, the best way to ice is to rub the ice into the affected area, something about the ice and pressure and movement. I've seen people use yogurt containers are impromptu ice holders - peel away the top half of the plastic and you have a nice ice holder.

  2. Ah yea, that way might be the best way to do it, but honestly I am lazy and would like to do other things while icing. Like eatting dinner or blogging. It seems to work for me so I will stick with it for now. Plus my knee seems to be tendonitus, which hurts to touch/put pressure on it, crawling around with the kids sucks, the pea ice pack doesn't hurt.

  3. That's the best use for peas. Peas are so yucky. I'm sorry that you're having so many problems with your joints. Time to try that vitamin for them, gluo....????...I'm sure you know what I mean, it's good for joints.
    I've been reading the magazine, so far have found two recipes i really like. I'll share them if they turn out as good as they look.
    Take care Angela and get better, hurting just plain stinks. God Bless my dear.