Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear May

You really sucked for me.

Actually that is a lie - May was great for me personally. But physically it sucked. Some how May is over and I only got 17 miles in ALL MONTH. The past 2 weeks I only ran about 5 miles total. Pathetic. The week before graduation was spent making signs, packing and making desserts. Then there was graduation and the weekend at home with Austin. The week after graduation I was exhausted. I managed to drag myself down to the gym for one run. Sad. Then I spent the weekend at home again. I took my shoes with intentions to run, but it was so incredibly hot that it never happened.

Excuses I know, but I am glad I had those 2 weeks with Austin. It was a very special time.
Wanna see my Marine?
Prob not but O well

June is here- and it is a new slate.

Goals for June : Run 58 miles
Do abs and arms 10 times this month MIN
3-4 nalgenes of water a day
No alcohol ( I have let this slip a little as of late, but I haven't been getting drunk, just having a couple drinks with my brother)
NO MORE SODA - I have been HORRIFIC with this one this past month. NO MORE!
Eat more fruit and veggies.
Check in on Goals on Sundays.

I ran 3.5 tonight - on the treadmill. It was good. Tomorrow I am going to run 3.5 again. The key will be going as soon as I get home before dinner. If I wait til after dinner I have to wait for it to settle and then I get tired.


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  1. you will definitely suck in june! but i understand when life gets in the way...february was my horrible month but ive since recovered and have been racking up the miles and poundage lost! you can do it :)