Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well last week was not so great. After my bad run on tuesday where I couldn't get my legs to loosen up and go,my week went fown hill. I didn't sleep wed night. When I got home from work on thurs I was  DEAD. I couldn't muster energy to do anything.

Friday we left as soon as I got home from work, went to Frederick to see my parents and then over to my college roommate's new place for dinner. We didnt get home til 1 am. I slept until 12:45 the next day. I guess I needed to catch up! Saturday I had to decorate a cake and make a dinner for a party. Mid day I started feeling sick so I took a little nap. Then I got up and got ready for the party. No run again, boo. So I thought maybe I'll run before I go out Sunday, but no chance. We stayed out til almost 2. Sunday we got up and wnt to see Toy Story 3 (very good btw!) Then went to see my dad and grandparents. We left there at 930 but in true beltway fashion, it took us an hour and a half to get home (should take 40ish mins)

So much for my long 6.5 run on Sunday!

I did run it last night. After work and grocery shopping, i went down. It was a rough 6.5 in the HOT gym but I got it done in 1 hour 9 mins 29 seconds. Shew.

I typically run tues, thurs, fri and sun, but this week will be off. Tue and thurs I have to go to Baltimore right after work so today's run will be tomorrow and Thurs run will be Fri. I probably will bump up the milage a little on Wed and Fri and the skip what would be Friday's run. Sunday is 7 miles! Eek


  1. Angela, have you thought about getting your runs in early in the morning? I'm an early riser (4:00 am) and I try to get most of my workouts in right after I walk the dogs. Plus, it's such a quiet, peaceful time of day. I almost never have energy after work, so it's great for me, but the early sessions don't work for everyone.

  2. I get up for work at 630 and that is a struggle. I wish I coulld be one of those people to pop up at 4 and get a good workout in then go to work, but I am not one of those people. I don't normally try a 6 miler after work but if it didn't happen yesterday it wouldn't have.

  3. Angela, still WOW any running is still good running. I don't have a set time to exercise yet, it's only been 7 months...:o) I just squeeze what I can in when I can which I know is not what it's all about. But like you it's hard to get up any earlier then I have to and depends on when my day is done, after working at least a 13 hour day I'm tired. But I'll keep trying, you keep inspiring me and we'll both do good in the end.
    Take care and have a great weekend. God Bless you my dear.