Saturday, January 23, 2010


Another great run. I love that I am just running 4 miles and not stopping between miles like before. I play with the speed. I start slower, then get faster. Then I get tired so I slow it up and then I get bored and so I speed it up a lot to get it over with. I have a set speed I don't want to go under as I am still trying to get faster, but I finished 4 miles in 40 mins 50 seconds, almost a min faster than Thursday.

Tomorrow's run may not happen, and I am ok with that, I will move it to Monday. I have to babysit until 1130, then I am getting a new cell phone (thank GOD) then we desperately need to get groceries, we are seriously down to 1 box of pasta, tuna(which I don't eat) bread not meat or PB and some cheese. Sad.  Then either I will get my hair cut and highlighted and I will run, or I will take a nap and we will go see Avatar. (seeing as it is almost 1am, and the twins will be up 7ish) I will probably go with the napping thing. Just sayin.

Ok Night!

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