Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A quick update:

I ran 3.5 miles tonight, it was an alright run. Not great but not horrible. Boring really.

I have been better about my eating and soda drinking. I am trying. I am annoyed because I have sort of hit a plateau in my weight loss. My jeans are super saggy in the butt, but my other jeans are super tight and create a super muffin top. EW! I refuse to go buy jeans since I am trying to wear smaller sizes. So I keep tightening my belt and will work harder to get to that next size. I am close, they button, just a little too tight.

I have been taking walks with the girls during the day too.


  1. haha sagggy butt jeans? sexy. at least they are getting looser, thats a good thing! looks like your doing virginia beach rnr? good luck! looks like a good race.

  2. that's great! at least your pants are loose not tight..I'm trying to get out of the tight pants phase..lol..Following from Friday Follow!