Monday, January 4, 2010

New and Improved

Well last week was a tough week. While I made the decision to still run the race, it just didn't feel 100% right. It was 100% what I wanted. But I would be missing out on good friend's special day, and I wouldn't have Matt there which I still couldn't get past. So Matt and I had a talk last night and I did some research and decided to not run the Disney half marathon this year so that I could go to my friend's wedding. Instead I am going to run the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll half marathon. It is over Labor day weekend so it is a month earlier. Hopefully Matt and I can go and spend a weekend at the beach and I can run the race with some friends and maybe a few cheerleaders.

Now I can run my race and accomplish a dream, and still go to the wedding without having negative feelings that I am missing my race. It is the best of both worlds and I am really glad that things are working out this way. There was no way I was going to make it through 9 more months of training with a little black rain cloud over my head about this race. Now I am 100% at peace with the situation and we can move on from it! No more tears about this race!

I have edited my training so that I can start it in March instead of April. No big deal.

I was doing really well with not missing any running days until the holidays and then things just went nuts. We were so busy sometimes there just wasn't enough time for me to get it in with everything that was going on. But starting now there will be no more skipping. I will make the time and plan around it or **GASP** get up early to run.

Speaking of which, starting next weekend I will not be staying up super late just because I can. I end up sleeping half my day away the next day and get NOTHING accomplished because I am a slug. I will get up by 10 on weekends and be dressed either in running clothes or everyday clothes by 11. ( Hey maybe one day I will have earlier hours, but I don't have kids - why should I get up earlier if I don't have to- which makes you ask what time I have been getting up - lets just put it this way - the cut off for football picks is 5 mins before the game - and I missed it this Sunday)

Also, I will stop munching on the chocolate we have laying around. I have had a bag full of full size snickers since my birthday and I have hardly touched them, but mini candies laying around are just way to easy to have one or 2. UGH. NO MAS!

I have a 5k   planned 6 weeks from now and hopefully another 5 or 10 k in a couple months. I may run a 6k for clean water in April. I am finally able to get excited about this year! 8 Months to go! Now that I am staying local, can I talk anyone else into joining me? HMMMM? Aubrey - why don't you plan to spend Labor Day weekend in VA with me - even if you have a job it is a long weekend. DOOOO ITTTTT. <3

Jill - thanks for being flexible and sticking with me!  I can't wait to train with you!

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling better about your race! Good luck, my friend!