Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today's run was a wonderful run. I added my typical .25 that I add on Sundays I also decided that I would go ahead and keep my 12 min mile pace. Now there is no running under the 12 min mile pace - and on thurs I will up it again. It is getting easier and easier to add miles and speed - so I feel like I am finally making progress. I am starting too see a weight difference besides in my clothes. My mom noticed it today and then Matt said something about it later that day too - and when I was wearing a tee-shirt which isn't exactly figure flattering (yet i love wearing them)

So the rules -
1- welp we had Wendy's for dinner...womp womp. But it was basically all I had to eat for the day minus a bowl of cereal and a piece of cornbread
2- no alcohol
3- no eating after 9
4-today was a run day :-D
5 - no soda
6- finishing my 3rd nalgene
7- slept in this am. getting ready to go to bed.

I promise tomorrow I will do Jillian's workout tomorrow. It has been a while and I bet I am whining about it tues. Boo ME!

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