Wednesday, December 2, 2009

11/30 , 12/1 and 12/2

Well - I am sucking at blogging right now- on this blog and my other one.

Monday I had a good day - but I didn't do Jillian's workout - I picked up Matt from the airport and we got dinner then we hung out until I went to bed. I followed the rules pretty well - tho we each had coupons for free chic-fil-a sandwiches that expired on the 30th so we went to chic-fil-a for dinner. But I planned for it and had green beans and string cheese for lunch. We shared a fry and drink - and I only had a couple. Dinner was $3.25 for 2 people. I can handle bending a rule for that price.
I really need to start doing JM again.
I haven't been getting much sleep - but that changes tonight.

Tuesday was a rough day all around. Got up to go to work and my car was dead, then some other difficult events just made my day one big ball of emotional stress. Good thing I had 3.25 miles to bang out. I drove Matt to work so I could have his car for the day to take the girls to playgroup and the dr, so I picked him up and we got groceries and then came home and had dinner. I didn't run until 10 but I ran, and I ran pissed. It worked and it felt good!! I did pig out on some sour patch kids in bed last night - I couldn't help it - and I don't now how I ate as many as I did. I love them and I am pretty sure I haven't had them since I gave them to Matt in his stocking last Christmas.

Today - my week of not sleeping at night has caught up to me, I came home and could barely muster up the energy to make a side dish for the steak Matt was making for dinner. JM didn't happen again.

This week even though I haven't been doing Jillian's workout I have been doing well with the other rules (not sleeping - but I did get a nap in with the girls this am) I have been working really hard on eating good things - and making smart choices.

I am going home Sat am to decorate the family Christmas tree - so I am switching my running on sat to Fri and using Sat as my rest day. I just don't see me getting up and running early - I don't want to, and so I won't.

I will try to suck less at working out and blogging. :-D

Runners World sends me a "daily kick in the butt" quote of the day - I liked today's, it is very fitting for many reasons.

If one has determination, then things will get done.

Chinese Proverb

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