Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

I know I am a few days late wishing that to everyone but Christmas day was a busy day. Lucky for me it was also a rest day.

Saturday I ran - but I didn't get the full 4 miles in, after about 2.5 I started to feel like I was going to puke, and by mile 3 I was pretty sure I was going to. I stopped and promised to wait longer after lunch before running.

Today I didn't run - I am in a funk. Last night we found out that good friends of ours are getting married on Oct 2, the day of my race. When they told us they were getting married they said it would be a Nov or Dec wedding so I didn't think twice about signing up. I sat through dinner, a movie, and 2 hours of Mario on wii on the edge of busting out crying. I called my mom and had a long cry about this. I have decided I am going to run the race. It is something that I really want to do, I am invested mentally, physically and monetarily and I just can't give it up. My mom told me that sometimes we have to follow our dreams or we may never get another chance. That is sort of how I feel about this. My biggest problem is that I really want Matt to be at the finish line when I am done. This is not something that is going to be easy for me, 13 miles is a very long distance and a great accomplishment for me. My mom said she would be there, and I would love her to be there, but I really feel like I would be super sad without him here. My problem is that I feel very selfish wanting that. It is a race, and I would be asking him to miss the wedding of one of his high school friends just to WATCH me run. I really need to wrap my head around the fact that even if he isn't there I still am able to do this and it will still mean the same to me because I trained to hard and I ran the race and I finished the race. He will still be proud of me, even if he isn't there to see it. I will be sad that I will miss their wedding, and miss getting to dance and party with them, but I need this for me. I have been mopey and sad about this all day. I just couldn't go run today because I was bumming. Lame I know.

Tonight I did do 30 mins of yoga, and 30 mins of strength and 20ish mins of cardio on the Wii Fit. Super fun. I really like the yoga, even though it is really hard. I got Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, plus 4 other workout games for Christmas. I won't be using my 30 day shred for a while, and that's good cuz I was sick of it!!! I am going to do the wii fit plus for a few weeks then try a different game. I will maybe post some reviews of them if people are interested to see what I think. So far I like wii fit plus.

However I will run tomorrow! Tomorrow I will not be upset about this. I am going to run my race and fulfill a dream of mine!

Matt and I have time to figure out what to do about this, he said he would come to my race, but I feel like a jerk for doing that. So who knows. Why does this always happen?!

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