Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh hey Jillian I remember you...

I also remember why I don't like you. You make me do mean things to my muscles.

Ok - so I haven't don't a Jillian Michael's workout since before Thanksgiving - why? well - umm... I allowed myself to be too busy. I made excuses, and just didn't do it. While I haven't been letting my running slide- I have let my strength workouts slide. But starting this week - NO MORE. Why you ask? Well honestly, because it makes it worse, I feel like I did when I first started. I hurt and I don't like hurting. When I was doing it regularly, it would be uncomfortable but livable- now it just sucks.

I am seeing too many results by running to not work on toning up as I lose the weight. I am really hoping I get a wii fit for Christmas so I can get a little variety to the workouts.

I had a good day rule wise. Followed them all so far :-D

I am working on my last nalgene now and will be showering and going to bed in the next 30 mins. I got very little sleep last night and I have too much going on tomorrow to be as exhausted as I was today.

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