Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!!

Today is Friday - my rest day. I did that. I took a nap then did holiday traditions with Matt. We are still creating them and it is so fun! We made latkes - which were so good, but good thing I have to run Sat and Sun. Shew - not exactly healthy, but SO GOOD

Anyway - I don't have anything to tell you about my working out, but I wanted to share a little secret. I love ice cream but in trying to lose weight ice cream isn't really part of the diet. This wouldn't be horrible except Matt likes to have ice cream in the evenings sometimes. This makes me want some too. When we went grocery shopping I was looking at weight watchers popsicle and all the other healthier for you ice cream snacks. They looked good, but their price tags weren't so good. $5-7 for like 6 popsicles. Not paying that. Then I saw these - they were 10 for 10. I ate a chocolate one the other night - it was big enough that I got 2 servings out of them. So I basically got ice cream for $0.50  Nice. Giant brand makes them. I suggest you try them. The ice cream is good and it isn't as bad for you as regular ice cream.


I suggest you try them.

Tomorrow I am running - and running at a faster pace. :-D

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