Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Somedays I love running - LOVE IT.

Some recent changes in our routines means my sleep schedule is majorly disrupted. I am getting 3 and 4 hours of sleep every night and I am DYING. So of course I passed out after work, then we sat and debated dinner, and by debate I mean A- What do you want for dinner? M- whatever you want A- No that isn't what I asked, do you want x, y, or z? M - I don't care A- fine I'm ordering Chinese. Best dinner ever - cuz I didn't cook it. But it didn't come until almost 8 - so now its 8 and I have not run and I need to eat dinner still. So at 9:30 feeling super fat and full I drug myself to the gym, expecting the worst. But I got the best run in a while. :-D

I am loving that the miles and the speed is coming easier. I am also loving that I am starting to crave the runs. I will find the time for them now. 8 weeks ago, there was no way I'd get up early to go run so I could do something all day on a Saturday. Maybe by the end of all this I say I am an actual runner.

Today I lugged the babies to playgroup and to run a couple errands ( I say lugged because I feel like I am running an uphill  marathon to get from the house to the car with 2 heavy carseats, the diaper bag, my purse and anything else that needs to go with us) I should weigh those things and see how heavy they are. I packed a lunch and ate it in the car on the way to playgroup so I wouldn't need to stop and get food, and if there was snacks provided I wouldn't eat any cuz I'd be full - So smart.
Chinese food isn't the most healthy dinner- but it could be worse
I dont drink
I may have had a couple sour patch kids a couple mins ago. Sorry.
I ran 3.5 miles at my fastest pace.
no soda
3 nalgenes
crap for sleeping, hopefully that changes tonight - I hope, maybe some benadryl could assist me.

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  1. Girl, I hope you get some sleep but I am so excited for all of the changes you are seeing! <3