Tuesday, October 20, 2009


How I did on the rules today?

1- no crap fast food- Success! I packed my lunch for work and we ate at home. I snacked healthy too!

2- no alcohol today

3- it is almost 9pm - but I am done eating for the day - water only for the rest of the night

4- I ran today - 1 mile walked 5 mins ran another half mile and walked 5 more mins. All for a total of 2 miles. I went right after work - and it felt good!

5- 1 soda a day - yes and no- I had 1 regular soda - and I had a diet cherry 7up in a moment of dire need for  flavor and sugar - I honestly don't even know if it has enough sugar to help but it was all mental and it worked

6-  Finishing up my 3rd nalgene now YAY

7- sleep- I went to bed at midnight - got up at 6am. 6 hours. could be better but it could be worse.

Tomorrow is Jillian workout and Thurs I plan to run 1.25 miles before walking.

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