Monday, October 19, 2009


1- No crap fast food - I think there are acceptable things to be eaten if you have to eat out - Subway is a fav choice

2- Minimal Alcohol - 1-2 glasses wine a week (typically I drink less than this and often I don't drink at all and I almost always volunteer to be D.D.)

3- No eating after 9pm (this will be really hard as Matt always has a snack in bed before we go to sleep)

4- On days I don't run I will be doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred

5- 1 soda a day - many would say give this up - but I can't. Like many who need their AM coffee - I need my AM soda and when I don't get it my day is rough.

6- WATER, WATER, WATER - I take a camelbak to work everyday and I try to drink 2 while at work, and then 1 during and after my workout - I am pretty sure it is a .75 L - I am guessing I will drink 75 oz a day.

7- Sleep - this one I fail at daily - and I am failing at it now to write this. I want to get 7 hours sleep MIN a night. The problem is I have trouble staying asleep at night. I wake up 3 and 4 times a night. I am going to talk to my dr. about this Friday.

If I can keep 1-6 in check then maybe 7 will naturally get better.

I will post a schedule when I figure it out. Until then I am just running 1-1.5 miles then walking at a fast pace for the rest of the time sometimes running again later for 30-45 mins.

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