Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well - the good news is even though my knee is sore - I was able to run. The bad news is we had 3 trick or treaters - which means I have a bowl full of temptation sitting on my counter.

I think I am going to put heat on my knee before I run - it really felt fine after I got going- I forgot it hurt.

1- tonight my parents came for dinner and I made crockpot chili. Super yummy, and semi healthy.

2- no alcohol

3- sigh - I ate after 9 - I had some bagel chips at 10:45. I guess its better than the bowl of candy I could have snacked on.

4- I ran today - 1.25 walk 5 run 3/4th walk 5. Felt good I think bumping up tomorrow will be no problem

5- no soda

6- 4 or 5 - I can't remember either way I had my 3!

7- I got 9 hours of sleep last night!!! and I will get an extra hour tonight! YAY.

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