Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Shew! Today I was T-I-R-E-D.

I came home and fell asleep - then I sat around reading blogs and designing my pumpkin.I finally did my Jillian workout at 10 pm - it made an already hard workout even harder.YIKES


Anyway - I counted my calories until dinner but then dinner was homemade and I didn't really know how to figure it out. But I had 840 by dinner - that includes cereal for breakfast, a lean pocket for lunch with a pudding, crackers for a snack and a 100 calorie brownie when I got home. I find that counting calories made me crazy- I won't be doing often.


As for the rules:

1- no fast food

2- no alcohol

3- no eating after 9 tonight

4- I did Jillian Michaels and it hurt

5- no soda ( actually - I had a sip of Matt's soda with dinner)

6- finishing up my 4th nalgene now!!! And the lids with the straws came today so I can run without pouring half of it on my shirt.

7- sleep - last night was a late night- and an early am. Tonight is going to be late too since I haven't even showered. Unless I have to I refuse to get in the shower right after working out. I am already super hot and no matter how cool I make the water I just get hotter - I like to cool off a little - so I am blogging then showering then sleeping. I will catch up on sleep this weekend. Good way to be right? Sigh - maybe tomorrow I will go to bed.


Tomorrow is a run then Friday is rest day! Sat is another run and Sunday I bump up the mileage again. I can't get this stupid thing to let me post a calendar - so now I am working on a way to link to my calendar. We will see. If not I will spend a day writing it out for you to read. There really wasn't a method to my madness when I created it and it is subject to change but only to decrease amount of time walking or increasing running. We shall see - I will get it up eventually.

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