Monday, October 26, 2009


Today was my birthday, even though Aubrey said I could do whatever I wanted I tried to be good.

I still worked out after work- I didn't hate Jillian as much as I did after the first time - we will see about tomorrow.

I ate well for lunch and only snacked on 1/2 of an apple. However, we went out for mexican for my birthday dinner and I was starving so I pigged out on chips and salsa.

I didn't have alcohol

I have not eaten after 9pm

I had a soda with my dinner, but I finished 3 nalgenes today.

Last night I only got 6.5 ish hours of sleep and I woke up at least 1 time. I was in bed at a good time - but I didn't fall asleep until after midnight because I knew I would get texts, and Matt sang to me :-D

It is almost 11 and I am heading to bed soon so I am looking at 7 hours - if I go to sleep by 1130 - thats the problem


For the record - I only had a tiny piece of cake this afternoon. Meredith made me a cake and it was super yummy.


I have decided that I am going to get bored with Jillian Michaels- but I will stick with it for now. I am asking for a Wii fit for Christmas and some games to go with it - then I will work those in. I am staying motivated and I put up pictures of Mickey Mouse and the Disney Marathon start line around the house so I can stay motivated. Not to mention I want to lose weight and look like I did before.


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