Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was a busy day (which is why I am blogging a day late)

We got up and went into DC and toured the Capitol and wandered around the Library of Congress. After that since it was raining we headed home - which made me very happy since I would be able to run before going to dinner with my family instead of after.

I ran1.25 miles , walked 5 mins ran .5 mile and then walked  5 mins.

I ate pretty well - during the day, I did split birthday cheesecake with my mom and Matt's mom. But whatever! It is my birthday!!!! I do what I want

The alcohol and eating after 9 thing is pretty easy! Though my dessert came out at 8:45 so I had to hurry! haha!

I did a good job with the soda - I only had 1 with dinner. This rule I thought I was going to have issues with but as long as I have my little crystal light packets I am pretty money.

I went to bed at about midnight and I got up at 8:30!  8 hours!!! YAY I think this is the first time I haven't sucked at this one! Ha!

My feet were killing me Saturday night - so Matt and I had a talk about my birthday present - lets just say I am glad he waits til the last min for everything - you will find out why.

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