Monday, October 19, 2009

Mon 10/19


Saturday night did me in - we went out for a birthday party - and I D.D.ed and we ended up getting home at 3:30 am bed like 4am. Then I was up early Sunday am. I am officially old because college angela would have bounced right back - current angela laid on the couch half asleep all day. Good thing I didn't have to drag my butt to the gym.

Today was a rough day too - I did some walking with the girls, and I carried those car seats around some stores (MAN they are HEAVY) I came home from work and got caught up doing some paperwork and figuring out my issues with my cell phone. I have found that I typically enjoy going to the gym after work around 430-530. Plus I don't get the chance to get tired and not go - like tonight.

We ate dinner at 8:20pm. We never eat this late. At 9:30 (my 2nd choice for gym b/c no one is there) I still felt full. I am pretty sure if I went I would have puked. So here it is: 11:30 my bed time and I didn't run. Yes - I am disappointed. Yes - Aubrey is yelling at me YES - I WILL go tomorrow right after work - even before checking my email. I will make up for my lazy booty tonight. Goodnight

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