Friday, October 30, 2009


Today was a rest day and I needed it - my knee started to hurt today. I typically just ride it out and deal with it - but I also am not running then. So I decided to chill out today and ice the knees. How I spent most of my Friday nightI will run tomorrow - and hopefully it wont hurt too much. I am taking an anti-inflammatory with my breakfast to take the edge off. I really hope this little flare up doesn't stop my training. I am going to start icing my knee after running too - Just like my dad - I need to get a bag of frozen peas. They conform much better :-D Plus if it's how my daddy does it, its good enough for me.

So the rules

1- no fast food - we had frozen pizza for dinner because I was lazy - but I didn't eat much.

2- no alcohol. I am pretty sure I will only report when I do drink. Which will probably be New Years Eve

3- the problem with Fridays and Saturdays is that I stay up much later - so I am hungry. I also didn't have much for dinner. So at 10:30 I had an apple - Aubrey said it was ok because it was a water food. At least I picked an apple and not a piece of the Halloween candy we bought for the kiddies
Who knew they made goodbars in funsize!
4- rest day

5- no soda - easy peasy

6- 4 nalgenes

7- going to bed now - will probably sleep until 10 :-D I love Saturdays ( I napped today too!!)

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