Thursday, October 22, 2009


First things first - I don't hate Jillian as much as I thought I would. However, my boob muscles (pecks? haha I suck) hurt soo bad. My legs are a little sore but all in all I feel alright.

Matt's mom came into town and we went and walked around Old Town Alexandria I mapped it on Map my and it was a little over 2 miles.

We went to dinner and came home - I let my food settle and then went to the gym at 9.

My one complaint is that the gym is much hotter at night than in the day - I guess they set it higher to save money. Shew - at least I sweat a lot.

I ran 1 and 1/4 mile tonight - 16 mins 40 seconds. (SLOW - I will work on speed later- I am sticking to a 13:20 mile pace). I was really tired so I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it - but I did it. That last 1/4 mile before I walked was rough - but Matt and his mom came in and she cheered me on a little. That totally helped. I walked 5 mins and then ran another half mile. That was easy peasy. I hope my endurance gets better.  I think I have a plan worked out to share- but I am currently sucking at rule 7 ( I am still SICK from running and need to shower)

1- I had steak for dinner - but fries - but not as many as normally come with the food. I am gonna say the extra 2 miles walking balance this out -- right? uh huh... ok whatever

2- no alcohol... this is the easiest step for me honestly

3- no food - I am hungry and my awesome cookie cake is calling my name- but I am gonna resist its awesomeness and go shower and go to bed, breakfast will be here soon

4- not a JM day - thank God

5- I had a soda with dinner - and then he brought a refill before I could order a water - and he didn't come back for a while so I could request a water instead, I had to give in - but then i had a glass of water

6- 4 nalgenes wooo

7-  I SUCK enough said.  OK moving on

tomorrow I work, go to the doctor and then home to make dinner - I will run after work even if my cheerleaders are out playing in DC.  The best part about tomorrow will be that I reward my good week with my favorite nonfat frozen yogurt. YESSSSSSSSS.

Night. Keep running.

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    2 miles walking doesn't even out french fries! :)

    Keep it up lady! You're doing awesome! :) Hot beach bodies here we come!!!