Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today I had a little over an hour and a half from the time I normally get home until the time we had to leave to go to College Park for a birthday dinner with some friends. I decided that I HAD to run after work or I wouldn't and boy am I glad I did. Of course I left work late so I didn't get to the gym until 5:15, but I ran my 1.25 miles walked 5 mins ran another 3/4 a mile and walked 5 mins to cool down. I came back to the apartment and stretched and then showered fast and ran out the door. Yes, we left late, and yes we were a little late to dinner- but I got my run in. Of course we stayed there until late, then hit traffic on the way home. I was exhausted and came in and went right to bed.

I ate alright - I tired to make an ok choice at dinner - and I gave away most of my fries.

No alcohol

I didn't eat after 9 - but I was close. Our dinner came at like 8:40.

I drank 3 nalgenes of water before dinner, and 2 glasses with dinner

I had one soda at dinner

Sleep - the night before I got about 6 hours.  Tonight I went to be at midnight, but I passed out right away (until someone woke me up to come to bed grrr)


Tomorrow I am counting my calories. I typically don't do this, and I am not going to start on a regular basis but I think it is good to know occasionally how well you eat. Dinner might get tricky if I make something from scratch.

I measured out 1 serving of cereal before I went to bed - 3/4 a cup of cheerios. It was nothing!!! NOTHING! So I gave myself 2 servings and it was enough. I figured at 110 cals a serving I can handle 2 servings. I am sure that if I measured out serving sizes for everything I would be completely shocked. I see this as a flaw of our products. They make the serving sizes so small so they nutrition numbers aren't as big. But in reality if u only ate that you would be starving. I don't think eating 2 servings of cereal was over eating. Also- the box that my water flavoring comes in boasts only 5 calories a serving. One would think one packet is a serving right - NOPE. 1/2 of a packet is a serving. Nice thanks for tricking me. O well I will give up 20-30  cals inorder to make getting water down much more enjoyable. Target has sugar free lemonade packets that are actually 0 cals. I should get more of those.  Until tomorrow (or later tonight since I wrote this Wed am)

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