Sunday, November 1, 2009


The start of week 3 and it went better than expected.

I went for my run earlier than normal. My knees felt good. I was going to run 1.5 and walk 5 and then run .5 ( .25 miles less than normal) But after I ran my 1.5 and walked 5 mins I started running again and felt good. I decided I could do the normal .75. So I upped my mileage by .25 and ran 2.25 today. :-D Victory - except I have to re-plan my training schedule.

1- no fast food - I did have 2 pieces of candy - 1 after lunch and 1 after dinner - damn it.

2- no alcohol

3- no eating after 9 so far - but I am hungry

4- I ran today (depending on my knee I may do a different video tomorrow since those lunges in JM may hurt

5- no soda

6- I have drank 3 nalgenes

7 - that extra hour of sleep last night was nice. I slept 10 hours. I am going to bed soon tonight too. :-D


I cheated and weighed myself  this am - and I lost another pound. 5 lbs total, and my mom said she could tell! YAY!


Aubrey said she was going to start taking a weekly pic of herself in a bathing suit - and as unhappy as that makes me I like the idea - so I will too. But you wont be seeing those ever. Until the bathing suit looks good. :-D

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