Sunday, November 15, 2009


Wow today was so pretty outside - a nice 72 degree treat for the typically cold November weather in this area.  Wish I had run outside - but I don't have a route set out and by the time I got around to it , it was getting dark out and I don't want to run alone at night.

1- no crap :-D

2- no alcohol

3- no eating after 9

4- I upped my miles today, I did 1.75 miles at a 12:45 mile pace, walked 5 mins and did another mile. :-D

5- no soda

6- 3 nalgenes

7- Well, I got a ton of sleep last night, but tonight I fail. I stayed up til 1130 and decided to stay up til 12 to see if the race opened. It didn't. I will sign up tomorrow.


I am not going to lie - I am scared to sign up. I worry that I will pay the money and get hurt, or burn out, or not be able to get there in Oct. But I am still determined to do this. Even if I do it alone. I hope. Right? Sigh. I am having doubts.


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