Saturday, November 28, 2009


Friday I did NOT get up at 4 am and hit the stores - pretty much the opposite! I slept LATE, got up and cleaned and vegged on the couch. I did get my run in. Though it was a bit of a challenge. For some reason I decided to run the first 2 miles much faster than I have been. I made it a mile then wanted to die - and quit. Literally quit. Walked upstairs and fell on the couch. After a few mins I talked myself into going back down and finishing the other 2 miles I left out but at a much slower pace. I was glad I did though.

Didn't leave my apartment so I didn't eat fast food crap- though the healthy options in the apartment are running low - the bf and I need to go to the store when he gets home
No drinking
I don't think I ate after 9
I ran a mile, died then ran 2 miles
No soda
4 nalgenes
I have been staying up very late- but I sleep very late too! Def catching up on my sleep

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