Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Life happened after work today and next thing I knew it was 10pm. So again this week I am switching days with friday. I will do my Jillian workout after work on Friday. Promise

At least I didn't sabotage myself today. In fact I took the girls on a long walk this afternoon and I just finished some ab exercises.

As for the rules - I had a good day minus not working out.

1- no crap

2- no alcohol

3- no eating after 9

4- rest day

5- no soda

6- 3 nalgenes

7- I am going to bed now :-D


I have found a bunch of articles - I haven't read them yet  - but I will and I will make posts and schedule them so that every once in a while you get something other than my boring repetitive rundown.

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