Monday, November 23, 2009


Shew - today was a draining day - I got up and had to spend the day taking care of sick Matt. :(

We were being seen by drs all day and we got home late and I had a tension headache and was exhausted- there was no way I was getting a 3 mile run in.

The rules were ok -
1- no junk - had subway for dinner
2- no alcohol
3- I had a 100 cal pack at 9:20 because I needed to take more meds and I didn't want it on an empty tummy.
4- i didn't do anything :(
5- 2 sips of matt's soda
6- 2 nalgene :( the day just didn't play out for me yesterday
7- didn sleep well sat night because I was worried abt matt and kept waking up to check on him, last night slept a little better but not great. I need this 4 day weekend coming up!!

I will do Sunday's run on Monday and leave JM off - I just feel like the running needs to happen more than the strength training at this point.

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