Friday, November 13, 2009


Fridays are supposed to be a rest day for me - they are also supposed to be my half day at work. But I worked a full day today, and decided that since I sucked it up on Wed and didn't do Jillian I would do her tonight.

SO - Friday evening I did Jillian's shred- and though I was told I would feel good about it later- I really just wish I had napped instead. :-D

1- so far I ate pretty good - and the only snack I had was a 100 cal pack.

2- no alcohol, and even though I am going out tonight I will not be drinking

3- I hope to not eat after 9 tonight, but since we are going out I may have to extend the deadline a little

4- I did JM - it was good, a nice painful workout

5- no soda

6- on my 2nd nalgene,will try to down 1 more

7- I am not getting up early tomorrow so I am sure I will get 8 hours.


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