Monday, November 16, 2009


You are officially on my Half marathon Journey. I signed up.

Today was a good day - I walked around downtown Alexandria with the babies - and had lunch in the park.

1- I ate out- but I had a burrito bowl with veggies and no sour cream. Basically a little rice, some beans and veggies and some cheese. Not my favorite, but it works. I packed a lunch- but  I packed soup and I couldn't heat up soup in the park. Subway was a 20 min walk 1 way to get there and another 20 mins back to the car - and the girls feeding time was in 30 mins. So I had to pick something closer - it was chipotle or Popeyes. I had breakfast for dinner.

2- no alcohol

3- no eating after 9

4- I did JM level 2. I hate the walking push ups - and I had to do some of the level 1 cardio because I was doing it at 10pm and I didn't want to jump too much with the neighbors below me. I don't know if that is a bedroom or an office.

5- no soda (well, honestly I did take a swing of matt's - this is a theme, but it seems to satisfy me when I want it)

6- 3 nalgenes today.

7- last night I slept like poopy, tonight I am still up and not showered.

I did nap today tho, for like an hour.


I am not doing weekly pictures, maybe every other or every 3 weeks. I was lazy last night and I didn't want to .

I also weighed in yesterday and only lost 1 lb. I am blaming Wendy's.

My knee is hurting again - I am icing it as we speak.

Tomorrow Aubrey and I are starting this Widdle My Middle 30-Day Challenge - I will share that tomorrow. I will not share measurements, but I will share changes in the measurements if there happen to be some.

I think I have a running partner tomorrow....Maybe. Matt said he would run with me tomorrow. :-D


I am really excited about the race now. I have pushed away all negative thoughts and nerves. The plane ride to FL I may freak out, but I have a while for that.

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