Monday, November 2, 2009


Shew today was a long day at work!


I did wait until almost 9:30 to do my JM workout but it was for good reason. I was catching up with my Carol Dory. :-D


For the rules.

1- no fast food - but yes, another candy at work. Whatever I want it. I could eat a WHOLE SNICKERS thanks to Jillian - but I choose a little fun size candy.

2- no alcohol

3-  no eating after 9.

4- I did JM and I used a heavier weight and OMG - OH MY GOSH.....The last strength move you life the weights up right in front - I feel it in my arms, back shoulders. OUCH.

5- no soda

6- 4 nalgenes

7- i got 6.5 hours sleep - still not straight through the night. I always get up at 4 to pee. Sigh.


The best part of all of this - I am excited to run tomorrow. WHAT?!

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