Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today I ran errands - I carried one baby in the Baby Bjorn the whole time and lugged the other around either in the car seat or in the shopping cart. It sucked all of my energy out -shew, I have no idea what I am going to do when they are older and I can't wear one and only one will fit in the cart. Oy.

Anyway - I ran errands after work - and got stuck in traffic so I actually got home after Matt. I have been tired all day but I made myself go run.

The leasing agent was working out beside me - and she started running about a min before me, and at a slower pace. My goal was to run longer than her. Haha but then she stopped 2 mins into my run. So it didn't really work. After about 15 mins of me running she kept looking at me. Maybe because I was huffing and puffing. Either way when I started running again - she was like you go girl! Haha! She was walking crazy hills though - I look for flat routes when I run! Anyway having someone there who seemed to be paying attention to my workout made me not slack!

I ate pretty well today - though I did have pizza for dinner - but Matt already ate  and I wanted it out of the fridge - however, I had a very light lunch.

no alcohol

no eating after 9

I ran 1.75 miles today then walked then ran another mile - I stuck to the 12:45 pace - I just don't do well at the faster pace - maybe Sat.

no soda

3 nalgenes

going to bed soon and sleeping in - plus tomorrow is Friday!!! nap time and sleeping in on Sat!!!

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